Another ban looming

Just wait for it. You know it is inevitable. The next thing the municipalities want power over is the use of pesticides. The Wolfville Town Council has been trying to restrict pesticide use for a long time, egged on by the raging grannies and others of that ilk, and now we know why they have been unable to go forward- The Municipal Government Act (MGA) prevents them.

The municipalities, Liberals and New Democrats have put a bug in the province’s ear to let towns and counties better regulate, even ban, residential cosmetic use of pesticides.

“The sooner the better, because dandelion season is coming,” Charlie Parker, the NDP’s natural resources critic, said Wednesday. The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities and provincial Liberals are making the same push.

Under the Municipal Government Act, only Halifax Regional Municipality is permitted to ban non-essential or cosmetic pesticide use. …

Union president Bob Wrye, deputy mayor of Wolfville, said Wednesday he had hoped the province would deal with the issue last fall, but he’s now eyeing the spring session. “It’s our position that this is not a difficult matter.”

Mr. Wrye said some municipalities, including his own, want to ban pesticides, while others want more control. Wolfville already has a pesticide-free practice for its own properties.

You probably heard our e-steamed mayor Bob Stead on CBC radio the other morning. No? You don’t listen to CBC anymore? Well let us fill you in.

He talked about how important it is for towns like Wolfville to be able to regulate pesticide use and how the MJ only allowed HRM this power. The MJ you say? Yes, and this confused the interviewer too and when asked, caught off guard, Bob couldn’t explain what he meant by the MJ but that’s okay, we knew he meant the MGA. [they do sound sort of the same – give the poor mayor some slack, he’s under a lot of pressure what with most of the town residents mad at him over the R1 elimination proposal.]

Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe that pesticides should be used lightly. We love our newts. Pesticides should be applied by people who can read directions and know the difference between a ml and cl. They should understand percentage and be able to estimate an area. This probably eliminates quite a few people, given the number in Wolfville who believe that C02 is a danger to the planet. So it seems reasonable to suggest that homeowners rely on somebody who is an expert in these matters. If that is what the Town will propose we have no problems with it but we suspect that what they will suggest is a broad ban which will try to prevent us spraying anything with anything, even if it turns out to be a solution of vinegar or baking soda.

Enforcement, as always in Wolfville, is an issue. So are we not to worry? Will what is coming down the pipe be an awareness by-law? For educational purposes only, like the smoking in cars with kids by-law? How will we know? And in the dead of night will homeowners do what students do, i.e. get away with murder (metaphorically and entomologically speaking)? Stay tuned.


One response to “Another ban looming

  1. We heard it, the CBC announcer called him Bill instead of Bob, Bill, Bob, Billy-Bob, what’s in a name.
    I can think of a few laws that we could have, like a mayor can not run for office more thatn twice 😉