NDP diet

How to stop kids from smoking — ban cigarette advertising. How to stop kids from over eating or eating the “wrong” things — ban advertising “aimed at children”. Just think! We can solve all the ills of society by adding another law to the books. That’s the NDP idea anyway.

Ontario is facing a “serious problem” with overweight children and must do more to protect them by banning advertising directed at kids, NDP critic Rosario Marchese said.

He plans to introduce a bill today amending the Consumer Protection Act to prohibit commercial television advertising for food or drink that is directed at a child under the age of 13.

There goes those great milk ads!

The ban would also prohibit ads that promote healthy foods like yogurt and cereal, but Marchese said he’s confident parents will be able to help their children make better dietary choices.

But if ads are all that effective why don’t more kids love milk?

On the other hand – We’d like to ask how many marijuana ads you have seen lately? Any beer commercials aimed at children? Has this curbed use among our young people?

And another question comes to mind — how do you determine when a commercial is aimed at a 12 or 13 year old rather than a 14 year old? Will there be a maturity meter? And why is a child under 19 vulnerable in a car with a smoker but not vulnerable after 14 to TV ads? Not that you will find many kids watching tv these days. Seems to us they spend more time with their xboxes.

Guess the ban on cigarette smoking in cars with kids law has gone to the social controllers heads. The NDP types are thinking that if Canadians are gullible enough to swallow that they might as well try this one on.

2 responses to “NDP diet

  1. the owner of a cigarette company should take the responsibility.. cigarette are like drugs. it should be banned..

  2. What we really need are more laws.
    You can only walk on one side of the street heading east and the other side going west.
    Signage laws, how big, where it can be hung.
    No old people on the streets after 10:00PM
    no young people after 8:00.
    OMG can they regulate what we watch on tv.
    BIG BROTHER is watching.