Elizabeth May likes Pierce Brosnan

We had to laugh when we read this the other day.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has decided to resign from the advisory board of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society after the group’s leader, Paul Watson, said Wednesday that the killing of seals in the annual hunt “is an even greater tragedy” than the death of four sealers.

Ms. May, who has long been a member of the society’s advisory board, decided during the course of a telephone interview Thursday that she should resign.

“It doesn’t mean overall the Sea Shepherd society has not done good work, but as the leader of a federal political party, I probably shouldn’t be on an advisory committee,” she said from New York, where she was taking part in a panel discussion. “I was staying on (the committee) in hopes of meeting Pierce Brosnan. Say I’ll withdraw from the advisory committee, and I’ll e-mail Paul later.” [link to source- CH Apr.4]

This shows a certain kind of judgement. Green Party members and prospective members take note. We notice that the Sea Shepherd people are getting a sharp reception in St. Pierre-Miquelon too, very sharp.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sparked outrage earlier this week when the group’s leader, Paul Watson, said the recent deaths of three seal hunters north of Cape Breton was a tragedy, but the continued slaughter of seals “is an even greater tragedy.”

On Friday, Watson’s vessel, the Farley Mowat, was confronted at the wharf by two dozen residents of St-Pierre, the capital of the French territory south of Newfoundland.

Police confirmed local fishermen confronted the activists and the ship left after its lines were cut with axes.

Fisherman Carl Beaupertuis, 47, said when he heard Watson’s comments about the sealers killed in a capsizing last Saturday, he was furious.

“We cut the ropes . . . because the fishermen of St-Pierre don’t accept what Paul Watson said,” he said. “He’s not allowed to come in the harbour any more. It’s finished for him.”

[link to source-CH Apr. 5]


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