Protect yourself

That’s the message the police RCMP are giving businesses and homeowners in Town. “Wolfville needs to beef up security” reads the headline in the Register, but the increased security won’t come from the cops, instead businesses and residents are asked to shell out to pay for cameras and alarm systems. No link online that we could find, but the small article on page 4 of the April 3 issue says that:

Sgt. Ron Smith reported to Council on the recent rash of break-ins in downtown Wolfville. There were a total of 26 residential and commercial break-ins in the last three months. Smith recommends merchants improve lighting and remove cashfloats on a nightly basis….He also noted few business have alarms or use video cameras.

Why should they? Wolfville used to have a police force until the Council, in their wisdom, going against the recommendations of their own Committee, decided to pay the RCMP to police the Town. It is about a million dollar line item in the budget.

Mayor Stead thinks businesses don’t care too much about the break-ins.

...given there was a previous rash of break-ins downtown about three years ago, he could only conclude “self security is not a great concern for local business.”

Rather an odd comment.

Maybe residents expect the police to be effective? And perhaps the expense of extra lighting and cameras, and alarms is too much for a homeowner and can’t be justified by their bottom line for businesses? That’s just our guess. Perhaps the Town could give a tax break to businesses or townspeople who protect themselves instead of relying on the police. But then what’s next? Gated communities and guard dogs? We are surprised given this attitude that the police aren’t advising everyone to arm themselves as well.

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