Earth hour

We won’t be changing anything in our house at 8 pm tonight. You may think that we are being contrarian but if we were really making a statement we would be flicking on to participate in the planned earth hour offset suggested by a number of bloggers. So we won’t do our laundry, put a roast in the oven, run the xbox, or turn on every light and computer in the place to nullify the energy down turn that everyone will tout tomorrow in the paper. But we won’t be flicking off either. Let everyone else be ridiculous. We aren’t signing on.

one commenter at SDA said:

The Mayor of my town actually stated on Radio that she’s going to be driving around town (2000 people) and knocking on doors that aren’t dark.

That gave us a chuckle. We suspect she might get more than she bargained for. We can only laugh at humankind’s capacity for foolishness.

UPDATE: Can you believe it? The Greens will be out harvesting votes by watching who turns off their lights.

HT a dime a dozen via SDA

Soft fascism is right. Look at NorthKorea – they are on side with earth hour!


5 responses to “Earth hour

  1. I just want to say that this earth hour stuff is all bull.

    Getting everyone to turn stuff off for one hour isn’t going to help the earth that much, in fact it may even cause MORE DAMAGE !!

    For example: Imagine an average family of 4 and their usual night. Perhaps this family walks to the local convenience store and rents a video to watch together every Sat night. They use a highly efficient microwave to nuke some leftovers and plop down in front of the TV for two hours with no other lights on because you can see the movie better that way.

    This week, this hypothetical family decides to “do the earth hour thing” with a few neighbors. They drive to the grocery store and purchase alot of meat and prepared foods like sweets/deserts, potato salad, and chips. They burn who knows how much propane to cook the factory-farmed meat they eat off paper or even Styrofoam plates. They use candles made from petroleum, or lamps powered by batteries or oil to light the party… And whatever doesn’t get eaten, will wind up in big plastic garbage bags to be taken to the dump.

    All this earth hour stuff is just another way for the average man to feel like he’s doing something good while making a mess.

    Actively choosing to turn down your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and up a few in the summer would save MUCH more energy than turning off all your electrical stuff for an hour each year.

    Actively choosing to REDUCE and REUSE would mean that the little that you do need to RECYCLE can be done in a cost effective manor.

    Actively choosing to compost your food scraps would not only save you money on fertilizer for your lawn each year, but would return the nutrients to the earth where they belong instead of trapping them in plastic bags buried under other garbage in a dump.

    Choose wisely in your day to day actions, and you’ll do so much more for the world than any STUNT like “Earth Hour”.

  2. Have to agree. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Sorry for getting a little rant-y there. I was just a bit rilled up over what I read on my city’s official website about what they’re doing to “help”.
    Some choice quotes include:
    – “The City will turn off non-essential lighting at City facilities”(why was it on in the first place?)
    – “We have mailed over 120,000 inserts to households in London inside utility bill envelopes”(since when was cutting down trees a good thing?)
    – “We have printed and distributed over 12,000 Earth Hour flyers and posters across London”(see above)
    – “We encouraged the John Labatt Centre to support Earth Hour, resulting in their creation of a commercial for the indoor and outdoors jumbo screens and distribution of 5,000 Earth Hour flyers at recent events”(ditto see above)

  4. Just makes the green warm and fuzzies feel more warm and fuzzy. Group hug, feel the heat!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog ww. I replied. You know I have to agree with Shannon too. She makes the most articulate case for anger at Earth Hour that I’ve heard so far. One or two of my commenters have been trying to get at the same thing (for different reasons though). If Earth Hour does anything for you maybe at least it will highlight some of the things that are wrong with the system? Like handing out fliers on non-recycled paper for the save the trees campaign? Or driving a hummer to the clean air rally?