Free tuition

The headline in the CH reads “Consider Free Tuition NSCC boss urges NS

Consider free tuition? Free tuition? FREE? You have to be kidding. It would NOT, repeat, NOT be free. It would be subsidised by taxpayers, which in the end costs everyone down the line when they pass the cost on. So why doesn’t the headline read “Consider subsidised tuition…”. Perhaps because it doesn’t sound quite so attractive?

Here’s a ridiculous statement:

Health Minister Chris d’Entremont, a member of the committee, said providing free tuition would be “very, very expensive” and not realistic right now.

Don’t you just hate it when words are misused in this way? It may be a good idea but can’t we just be honest about it?


2 responses to “Free tuition

  1. William Zimmerman

    The university from which I received my BS and MS degrees (MIT) does not charge tuition to students who’s families have a combined income of less than $75,000.

  2. Wonderful. But it was not free. Someone paid for it. We expect you have paid it forward by subsidising someone else?