Suzuki wouldn’t live here

It’s too dense.

David Suzuki: I love Kitsilano and Vancouver, but there are too many people and too many cars. I think we can have greater density if we made the city much more hostile to cars. The cars have made our city unattractive, and thus I like to spend more of my time in a smaller place at Quanta [ed, Quadra] Island where we also have a home.

Emphases ours

Quadra Island is home to 2,550 people. It is 410 square kilometers in size. That comes out to 6 persons per square kilometer.

That’s bigger than Kejimkujik National Park. Meanwhile, here in Wolfville, we fight for our smaller place, our only home, our “Quadra island,” with perhaps 6,000 people at high student tide, and we would guess less than 6.5 square kilometers in area, which works out to about 925 persons per sq. K, perhaps about half that when the students leave us for the summer.

But Suzuki will probably share his land, right, as we are asked to do with larger plots here, to allow flag lots, for the sake of greater density and a smaller environmental footprint? Don’t think so….

When we purchased Tangwyn, the agent took great pains to inform us it could be subdivided into three pieces. “You could sell two and pay for all of it,” he said, as if that were an incentive and option. It wasn’t. We are privileged to claim to own what was once First Nations land and would like to see it become a part of a larger entity, the forest. Subdividing it into smaller parcels that would be sold off to be developed further will not do that. [link]

Paradise lost indeed. So follow in the footsteps of the master and fight the elimination of R1.

Ht Steve Janke

Meanwhile on another island…

Stromback, the chief executive of Ecology Coatings, joked that a gathering like this might seem nefarious to some people. “In James Bond movies, evil-doers meet in exotic settings to plot the destruction of the planet,” Stromback said, puffing on a cigar before dinner one night. But the people here, he said, were plotting to save the planet. [link]

Hope there weren’t any children under the age of 19 near that smoking gun cigar.


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