Smoking wars continued

Are cigarettes legal products or not? We wish people would just make up their minds. Warren Kinsella has been on a rant because some cash poor alternative rag in the hinterland (soon to become a have not province) accepted ads from Big Tobacco (only slightly worse than big oil). Warren’s calling for a boycott.
The paper not unnaturally resents being called immoral and has responded that it is completely within the law.

We encourage Mr. Kinsella to take out a half page ad (or more, or less) in the same paper to tell his sad story about his father (a doctor!) who was struck down because he chose to smoke. If ads are so influential, go ahead, do that to convince poor shmucks not to take up or continue the evil habit. Or lobby whoever to make cigarettes illegal altogether, Warren. That would be a worthwhile public service.
We have no time, however, for this planned campaign to boycott the paper for running ads. It is the wrong target and where does THAT stop we wonder.

In the latest Advertiser there are no less than 10 ads, large ones too, for cars otherwise known as emission spewing, polluting, causes of global warming (at least in the eyes of some). Are you going to go after our little newspaper, trying desperately to survive financially, for advertising those legal products Mr. Kinsella? And if not why not? Perhaps it is because you don’t smoke but you do drive a car? How about alcohol, the cause of hundreds if not thousands of deaths on our roads each year? Which other legal products shouldn’t be advertised? How about weight loss products or skateboards or casinos. All have their dangers. Pick your poison.
Kinsella talks about Torstar having an immoral double standard. But it isn’t Torstar, it is the government. Whether provincial of federal, they love the revenue and won’t bite the bullet and ban cigarettes altogether. Go after them Mr. Kinsella and you might then get some respect.

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  1. Maybe the WBDC donated a few dollars!!!