LaFarge and Railtown

Already reported one item of interest from Frank 529 in mentioning the sale of Scott Brison and Dale Palmeter’s rental property. Might as well finish this ish off before it goes off the shelves and into the recycle -again- bin.

The other Wolfville item that caught our eye was the settlement in February of the alleged LaFarge Canada debtor action against Railtown. [p.g 13] The $132,000 (and change) lien against the condo development is no more.

This is good news we suppose for the poor, very patient buyers who have finally been able to move in and can contemplate a paved parking area too, just in time for the good weather.

Someone came up with the money for the rest of the paving, we just hope it wasn’t the Town.


One response to “LaFarge and Railtown

  1. Dale Palmeter and Scott Brison suck. I remember before they turncoated, they were mighty unwelcoming to their Alliance cousins. Seems that they have finally found the Liberal home where they have always truly belonged in the first place. Good riddence!