Clear bag rule – not clear

Valley Waste Resource would have us believe that on April 1st there will be a big change when

all residents and businesses are required to use clear bags for garbage …”

There was a big colourful (and no doubt expensive) ad in the Register recently which said exactly that. It had four cloumns – one itemising the kinds of items which are to go into blue bag #1 (paper) and another for what goes into blue bag #2 (containers) , a third green column for what should go in the green bin (compostables) and then the yellow c0lumn for the new clear garbage bags EVERYTHING ELSE”

Now reading that and the line we quoted above which used the word “required” with no qualifications you would certainly get the impression that solid black bags will be a thing of the past. But don’t you believe it. If you only use one solid black garbage bag now, there will be no change for you. Here is a screen shot from the online Valley Waste calendar -pg. 6


That’s right. “One solid coloured bag is permitted per collection for garbage items of a personal nature This bag is included in the 4 bag limit.” That probably includes things like “feminine hygiene products” that they list in their ad in the yellow column to go into a clear bag.

Bet they’ve been getting a lot of calls over this confusion. Do you think they are apologetic when they tell you that yes, one solid black bag is allowed? No. They WANT you to get the wrong impression. They WANT you to think that using a solid black bag is ticketable. They will tell you if you call their number – please do!- that they PREFER you use a clear bag. So they trick you into thinking it is required. This is the kind of deception that passes for public policy these days.

One response to “Clear bag rule – not clear

  1. We almost brought out the same policy here in Halifax. The arguement was that it would allow garbage collectors to point out the people who are not using their green bin for compostable items.

    The plan was later shot down due to privacy concerns. Allowing one solid bag does give people a way to discard personal items, but is it enough? What happens if someone decides to discard pornographic items using a clear bag? Children will then be exposed to images that they really are too young to see. You just know that someone is going to do it eventually.