Property Value Alert

Someone else has a bee in their bonnet if the “flyer” we brought home from the Post Office is any indication. Don’t know who the author is but it weren’t us. The sheet has the heading –


YOUR property is in immediate danger!

It continues:

Do you love the property you own in the town of Wolfville? Have you worked hard to develop it into a home you are proud of? Have you poured your heart and soul, and a great deal of time and money into making your home and gardens reflect your values?

If so, you should be aware that there is an immediate danger that the Town Council may vote to change the zoning regulations in your R1 community. …

It goes on to describe some of the changes the author thinks are in the works regarding increased density and allowing businesses to operate in residential areas. [emphases are in the original]

That peaceful neighbourhood you love and have worked so hard to maintain and beautify is in real and immediate jeopardy. Your property value will plummet and your quality of life will deteriorate.

Pretty upset isn’t he? Don’t really blame him. He goes on to say that he suspects these changes are proposed to benefit those

“who are in the business of trading in real estate and development. And what is so frightening is that at least two of those people presently sit as voting members of Wolfville Town Council; a blatant conflict of interest, made even more worrisome by the fact that the Council only has seven members.”

He, or they (a resident’s group?) suggest everyone come to the meeting next Tuesday, the 18th at 7:30 at the Al Whittle Theatre. And then it ends with this stirring call to arms:

Speak out and be proud of what you have built for your family and your town. Or regret it the rest of your life.


We think there will be a lot of people there. Seems it is a real winter of discontent.


2 responses to “Property Value Alert

  1. This is not the first time that this bunch has had a “conflict of interest”. Remember “fair trade”
    didn’t two of the councilors have a conflict there?
    Only solution is in October, GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT!

  2. Government rules and regs seldom mean more money in the pockets of property owners. At least here in NB that is so.