Port Market

There has been quite a bit of talk about the proposed Port Williams Market, the latest being a supportive letter in the Advertiser.

We wonder how this will affect the talks in Wolfville Town Hall about a permanent location, on the taxpayers tab, mainly for the benefit of the Wolfville Craft “Farmers Market.” (other businesses in Town already pay big bucks for space to run their operations- it is called rent!)

What, we wonder, might happen if the Port Williams Market got going and got to be very popular and competed with the present entity that is the umbrella business ( yes, it isn’t non-profit) for the venders who presently set up their booths here? Don’t talk to us about a 99 year lease because if that lease would be with the umbrella business and unless it gets a 99 year contract with each of its vendors this is meaningless. If vendors think they will get more business by switching to another market they will. The umbrella business would then be a shell and good luck getting the value from your long term “lease.”

We wish the Port Williams effort well. If they set it up well it will be a boon to the community and not a drain or an irritant.

Which reminds us of a comment a Windsorite made about the Woodshire Inn and Bistro in Windsor It’s a little bit of Wolfville in Windsor”. We thought at the time ” So that’s where it is going!!” Meanwhile our Town worthies are chipping away at the Wolfville we knew and loved.


3 responses to “Port Market

  1. Kentville also plans to have a farmers market on Sat. & Wed. this year. Soon there is going to be so many of them that they will put each other out of business. The vendors from out of town will deffintely go where they will have a best sales, it is all about the bottom line, only they wrap it in fluffy nice stuff. Markets are a business, big business. Give them a building, gee that would be smart. Maybe they can subsidize the rent for the business already trying to make a go of it everyday here.

  2. We have to drive miles to get gas in Greenwich.
    We have to drive to pick up mail, in fact if one
    lives in a rural community, we have to drive to
    do anything. There is nothing within walking distance. Don’t begrudge the people of Port Williams a little farmer’s market.

    Downtown Port Williams can use a little more
    revenue from the people who live nearby. It is more than just a bedroom community for Wolfville. The more places to shop, the more reasons for people to drive to the Valley.
    Good parking and a little trolley to go around
    the square would solve a lot of the traffic worry
    and save on gas.

  3. We wonder if the Port market will get a subsidy from the government as Wolfville’s has.