Bus stop, wet day

We were all for a bus shelter or two in Wolfville. We thought that it would be helpful to the people we see waiting for the bus, shivering in the wind from the dykes on a cold winter day. And we had heard that the company that provides the bus shelters in New Minas were willing to provide them in Wolfville, and maintain them, at no cost but that the Town had not explored it because some on Council didn’t like the backlit advertising that came with them.

Deputy Mayor Wrye noted that previously there had been resistance to bus shelters with backlit signs and advertising that went with them in front of a heritage house. The issue had gotten lost in the process; it was not a priority. He said he would be prepared to look at the issue again; however, he did not think backlit shelters would be appropriate. Mayor Stead suggested that a report from Planning re architectural guidelines would be needed. [Minutes of Town Council – Jul 18, 2005]

We don’t think the parking lot in front of the drugstore/bank/bargain store is heritage territory but anyway bus riders now have a shelter (of sorts) which presumably the Town worthies feel fits our image.

How much, you are going to ask, did this unlit “shelter” cost. Are you sitting down? According to our informant (who asked the question some time ago and recently received an answer from our CAO) it cost us $17,000. We expect this figure does not not include yearly maintenance costs.


One response to “Bus stop, wet day

  1. I heard that the generic bus shelters cost around seven to eight thousand, and the company maintains them. But not good enough for Wolfville we need special ones, where advertisement can be censored and controlled.