Grab bag of News

Mud Creek Days including the Highway 1 Main St. car ban will be hailed as a great success. Certainly lots of spandex shorts but the turnout was lighter than WE expected. Not at all a crunch at the times we viewed things. Yes, the farm market was busy early in the day and that’s when the locals mostly turned out. They may have had enough by 2 pm. The restaurants weren’t packed.

Not sure many people were very clear about how much of Wolfville was closed to traffic as this was not articulated always in the promotions. And were the final decisions about how to deal with traffic only made 3 days before the event, as we heard?  Also perhaps saying “closed except to local traffic” at the barriers was the wrong phrase? Many did not realise that parking was allowed further in if you had business in town. Perhaps the phrase should have been “detour for through traffic”? Some liquor store customers looked pretty sweaty carry their cases of beers a distance to get to their cars.

We heard Peter Herbin came in third in one of the slow races. The Mud Creek Criterion was won by “aways” but a local boy almost placed.

What else?

Oh, yes, there was the do for retiring Acadia Chaplain Roger Prentice. Scott didn’t show but sent a gushing letter. You’d almost think he was an Acadia grad. Ex pres. KO wasn’t there either but that perhaps wasn’t to be expected.

Oh, and speaking of KO – when we said he should run– word on the street is that he will offer for the Federal Conservatives. in Kings-Hants. Are we psychic or what? Do we have a scoop? Or are we taken in by wicked gossip mongers. Time will tell. We were wondering why he was hobnobbing with the likes of Mark Parent and getting quoted in the press all of a sudden. As our source said ” If it walks like a duck…”

The evening ended with fireworks! OOOOOoooo. [Second time this month, our tax dollars literally going up in smoke!]

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