Brison gearing up

Gearing up for an election that is. We already mentioned the ads on Novanewsnow.
There are other indications. Like the fundraising cocktail party at the Wish
restaurant in Toronto at the end of March. We saw the invitation on
facebook. Like Jason Cherniak we wondered what the ticket price was but
it only says “cost: donation”. Wonder if that is like a free will

In addition to an older “Brison for Liberal leader” and a “Brison for PM”
group there are 2 “re-elect Brison” groups on Facebook. Wonder if Scott
knows that one of them contains an article look-alike like the one on
his website written by Dale Palmeter but now without his name on it and
which looks suspiciously like an original article by Gordon Delaney in
the CH – only slightly different as to numbers and hype. [When we went
to university that was called plagiarism. We don’t know what they call
it now.]

These are in addition to Scott’s very own Facebook which presently lists
478 friends including worthies such as Bob Rae, Ignatieff,
Carolyn Bennett, and Rick Mercer. Frank magazine notes the absence of
Maxime St. Pierre’s name among them and adds this gem of information:

Scott’s spokesthingy Dale Palmeter was initially unaware his boss was a
member of the social networking site, a susbsequent check revealed it
was run out of his Ottawa office. While Dale concedes that his minions
do “help out” with the site he says his boss manages to read most of
the messages himself.

We were tempted to join the “Brison has balls…” group. If only they weren’t so rude.


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