A cold spring

That’s the prediction from our weather guru  Brett.

As you have probably already heard, forecasters are now predicting possible La Nina conditions for the Spring and perhaps summer. Remember the surprise El Nino conditions that developed in the equatorial Pacific last autumn, which certainly had an impact on shutting down the Atlantic tropical storm/hurricane machine.
The El Nino conditions persisted into the early winter, helping to make much of southern Canada unseasonably mild through mid-January. BC was also very wet to start the winter. Then all of a sudden, the El Nino conditions began to steadily fade late in January, which led to the demise of the strong Pacific jet stream which was bringing all the mild air into southern Canada. By February, the polar
jet stream took over and dumped all that Arctic air into the eastern two-thirds of Canada. Now as we go through March there are strong indications that some type of La Nina is forming. ..

Let’s assume that this trend will continue and that there will be a least a minor, if not moderate La Nina for a good part of the spring. What could this mean for Canada?

A typical La Nina spring in Canada may lead to the following, based on long-term climate data……

1. A wet spring for Southwestern BC. Just what they do not need.

2. Slightly cooler than normal conditions in the Prairies.

3. A chilly/cold spring for much of eastern Canada.

4. Wetter than normal from Quebec into Atlantic Canada.

Those are the four things that stood out the most.


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