Granatstein on Maritime Noon

CBC doesn’t often get it right but they had Jack Granatstein on MarNoon the other day (to promote his new book) and Jack got it right.

More interesting than what he said (all very sensible) was the response. His words sure struck a nerve with many though didn’t they? It’s okay to talk about environmental catastrophe (and how we must spend a fortune to fight it) but not at all okay for Jack to talk about other natural or terrorist disasters (and our lack of resources to deal with them) or to talk about realities like our interests often coinciding with those of the US.

He talked about how unprepared we are, how our forces and resources have been decimated by the policies of past governments and how ill equipped we -as a country- are to handle threats to our security- both natural and man made. He spoke positively of the Americans and also positively of the Conservative government which was enough to bring upon him the wrath of most, although not all, in the CBC radio audience (already a self-selected leftish group)

The very first caller (female natch) had to bring up green house gases and increased storms etc. the whole baited line, but she didn’t want to rely on our military for any help at all in a disaster but talked about having local food supplies, then went off on an anti war, anti US rant. You should have cut her off Costas.

Jack’s credentials didn’t matter at all to those who thought he was all wet including several from Wolfville who called in to tell him that he was all wrong and they (of unknown credentials) were all right. Ah, the hubris (with a yod!)

“We are proud of that” one idiot poor misguided soul said when he was reminded how little we are spending on defense.

NATO Military Spending as a Percentage of GDP (2001)

Country % GDP Country % GDP
Turkey 5.0 Hungary 1.8
Greece 4.8 Netherlands 1.6
United States 2.9 Denmark 1.5
France 2.6 Germany 1.5
United Kingdom 2.4 Belgium 1.3
Czech Republic 2.2 Spain 1.2
Portugal 2.1 Canada 1.1
Italy 1.9 Luxembourg 0.8
Poland 1.8 Iceland 0.0
Norway 1.8

But there were a few who agreed and there were also those who, like us, noticed that many who disagreed didn’t think there should be any debate at all about the issue. These were educated adults. Imagine. It was enough to make one cry.


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