Climate change- “Duck and Cover”

How will we look at Gore’s  An Inconvenient Truth 20 or 30 years from now? We suspect it will seem rather like those Government ads with school children dashing under desks to protect themselves from a nuclear blast. Funny in a way and also sad. Funny because it is hard to believe people were so gullible and sad for the same reason – because people were so gullible. The truth was there for people to see but they didn’t. People are no less blind about climate change, its causes, its extent, our options.

But if the IPCC says so…. It can’t be wrong can it?. [Do read the comments!]  [more]

The Globe and Mail’s front page the other day spreading the idea of  environmental apocolypse had that 60’s feel to it, complete with simplified graphics. [compare with this] [another] As much as Margaret Wente tries to bring reason to it our collective reaction will still be unreasonable. After all it is a “moral issue”.

Remember the nuclear disaster clock that was updated recently? Here’s a Kyoto cost and effect clock.

BTW Someone at the G&M really wants the Liberals back in don’t they. As they are saying, Dion is getting a free boost from the media. Talk about attack ads. Every second MSM article seems to be one. Who is desperate?

PS: Some of you might like to attend this meeting of minds. Wish we could.


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