Rate your Doctor-update

We mentioned in a previous post the Rate your Doctor site which included a few Wolfville medicos. It seems some people don’t like it [ including some Doctors!]

the free site is being denounced by critics who say the anonymous postings are potentially defamatory, and don’t provide enough protection from disgruntled patients who use them to post malicious clients.

There are more than 47,500 doctors listed on the site, of which nearly 7,000 were Canadian. [link]

PS- As you see we are back after a “lost” weekend. Did you miss us?


2 responses to “Rate your Doctor-update

  1. What about doctors with “malicious intent”? What about those who are so incompetent but get away with it nevertheless? What about those whose are so cold and rude that they appear to lack a conscience? If a school teacher can be “rated,” a university professor “rated,” etc., etc., then why not a doctor or a physician’s assistant? Is it not a patient’s First Amendment Right to report doctors who violate a patient’s confidentiality, for example?

  2. Absolutely! We do not agree with the critics quoted.