New? foodbank in Wolfville

The hole in the pattern of food banks in this region will be filled
next month when one opens in Wolfville for the southeastern corner of Kings County.

‘It’s really exciting,‘ [this is the word of the month] says Nancy Burbidge, who chairs the food bank management committee. ‘The level of interest is really amazing.’ However, she notes that WAIC members consider it scandalous that the poor in Nova Scotia are going hungry. ‘We won’t stop looking at the politics,’ she said. ‘But we have to do something.’

‘That’s right,’ says co-chair Liz Vermeulen said. ‘There’s plenty of demand and the public isn’t aware of the amount that’s going on. This will be much more visible now that we exist.‘ [And visibility is so important!]
Feed Nova Scotia will visit the town twice a month on Wednesdays and the food bank will open in the basement of the church on the first and third Thursdays of each month.
Anyone who wants to collect food will have to register through the WAIC client coordinator at 542-0040. She will give each client a time and track MSI numbers to avoid duplication. Anyone living in the area bordered by Deep Hollow Rd., Church St., Ben Jackson Rd. and the Kings County line is eligible for aid.
For over 15 years, churches in Wolfville have used an anonymous voucher system to provide food. [Who knew? ] Now WAIC won’t have to fundraise quite as much itself, but there are always gaps to be filled.
The two volunteers, neither of whom lives in Wolfville, say funds will
be utilized to purchase necessities like soap and toilet paper.
Burbidge is hoping to work with local farmers, train volunteers and lend assistance with budgeting and nutrition. Meanwhile,
the parent organization, Feed Nova Scotia, is dependent on donations.
The council has use of a portion of the church basement for 18
months and then a permanent home will be required. [
Ah , premises! Watch for the Town to be asked to help with that. That and a home for the farmers market.] The shelves coming from the New Glasgow Food Bank will need another location. Anyone who would like to find out how to be a food bank volunteer can call Burbidge at 582-3933 or Vemeulen at 681-0061.[link]

Today’s article on the same subject in The Valley Today has some different details.

After a year of planning, the Wolfville area inter-church council is going to expand its program, which has run for almost 20 years, providing food vouchers to families in need. Those vouchers in turn were exchanged at local grocery stores for food. [There’s that reference to a voucher system again. Whaddya know- Best kept secret in Wolfville.]
This is something better we’ll be able to offer people, said church council prsident Neil Cloughesy. “This will also offer a great variety.” [ A greater variety than Save Easy? WOW!]
Organisers will buy the food from Feed Nova Scotia, a province wide organisation that sells to food banks, soup kitchens and shelters. [Sells? So fundraising after all.] “Feed Nova Scotia makes available to us a large amount of food for a very, low reasonable price.” Cloughesy said. [hmm. We thought it was donated.]

Diane Swinamer, exec director of Feed Nova Scotia, said there are 3 food banks in the Annapolis Valley. She added there are 150 food banks, shelters and soup kitchens province wide. “More than 60 % of the food we provide is fresh food.” she said ” The rest is  on-perishable” [We suppose she means province wide? Or will 60% of the food provided here be fresh?]
Town clerk Brian Porter said the town council isn’t yet involved with the new food bank. “We may be in the future, in helping them establish a permanent home.” [Yeah , we think so too.]

And there’s the soup kitchen that they run at On The Verge on , is it, Wednesdays at noon. We’ve been meaning to try that.


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