WW’s new year’s resolutions

Our blogging resolutions for the new year.

1. Post fewer Brison posts. He doesn’t deserve the attention and he likes it so much.

2. More local posts. Some of our readers like our local stories but hate
our other opinions.

3. Post less often. It is a time consuming activity and we have more important stuff to do.

4. Post our picture. Some people know who we are anyway.

5. Talk less about the CO2 emissions scam. Let people wallow in their ignorance.

6. More Brison posts. He needs to be exposed.

7. Continue to comment on whatever strikes us. If our readers don’t like it – heck it’s OUR blog! Let them do their own.

8. Don’t stop posting often. Wolfville needs us and let’s face it – we are addicted!

9. Stay anonymous. Best not to know we are known.

10. Continue to expose the CO2 emissions scam. People are so silly. Can we blame this on global warming?

11.  Ignore New Year resolutions. They never work anyway.

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