Building Boom in Wolfville

So says the headline in the Mayor’s newsletter (why it is his we aren’t quite sure). Well there certainly is a big boom crane on the Acadia campus and several other residential projects are ongoing but Ken Enns must be thinking “why not

There is an outline of what is happening with the Woodman Lands project ( nothing yet but soon) Railtown ( expected completion Fall 2007 !!) and the Assisted Living complex . Obviously the Town wants to stay “residential” as opposed to commercial as it is very unfriendly to business tax wise. (Higher commercial taxes = higher commercial rents. It is unfriendly to residents taxwise too but they must think the class of people they will attract can afford it.) What businesses will fill the commercial space in Railtown we wonder? The space won’t be snapped up by home
businesses who say they can’t afford the commercial area, therefore we can expect more of these to spring up. The Town does say it is trying (still) to get a service centre in the old PetroCan spot and the mayor pleads that townspeople should support it if they suceed. We’ll do our part Bob, if you and Council support it and other businesses in Town with a reduction in commercial taxes.

Policing – Wish they had included how many speeding tickets they gave out this year (too embarrassing?). They mention vandalism. Residents are supposed to help. No, the cops can’t be everywhere. All we know is it was a lot better in many ways when we had Town police force.

The Wolfville fire department has a new flag -Town crest within a maltese cross (oh, oh, a cross!) and a new tanker and other new equipment. The names of the 40 volunteers is listed which is really nice. We should know who they are.

With regard to Parks – if you want to see what the garden in Willow park will look like in a few years just look at the picture (p. 9) of the trendy grasses in the little plot by the library. Here they serve a purpose by hiding the parking lot (although one has to be careful pulling out as it makes it harder to see). In Willow Park the clumps will no doubt eventually block the Park vista and a view of the pond (which is perhaps what they intend?)

There is the compulsory article on “sustainable community”. The task force’s first year has been spent on visioning research (remember the comedic survey they did a while ago? There will be another one coming!) part of the review of those pesky LUBs and the MPS. Brainwashing Public Education and “innovative infrastructure projects” are other tasks of the task force. We suppose the 12 page newsletter is printed on recycled paper but it doesn’t say so.

We have no criticism of the preservation of the watershed -The Source Water
protection Plan and the South Mountain Nature Preserve (so dear to the mayor’s heart) We are conservative that way too.

There is an article on Information Services. They mention their effort to go
paperless. We won’t remind them of the toxic e-waste problem of computer
disposal. (They are entitled to their illusions aren’t they?) We would wish the minutes were uploaded promptly after being approved – are we whistling in the wind? Perhaps they are more timely now? Frankly we rarely bother to check anymore because by the time they appeared it was old news.

Overall, however, we are happier with this newsletter than previous ones. It
is more informative than the fluff we got used to seeing and it includes a rundown on the budget Since we noticed this omission in past newsletters we have to give them credit for listening. Yes, they do read us occasionally at Town Hall,
we know they do.

Don’t forget the New Years Levee. 1-3 pm. St. John’s Parish Hall.

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