The nude calendar craze

We have finally stopped laughing long enough to post this.

This year, the number of individuals willing to pose
stark blooming naked for 2007 charity calendars has reached plague-like

From every corner of the nation,
they come a-wobbling in front of the cameras wearing nothing but a
frozen smile and a naked desire to do their bit for the charity of
their choice.

Good for them, yes? But it means
that the rest of us are forced to confront newsagents’ racks filled
with the kind of sturdy Saxon torsos that were never designed to be
viewed in the harsh light of day, except perhaps by pluckier members of
the medical profession….

Check out Mr January, standing proud on the
battlements of Stirling Castle as the cold, Scottish wind whirls around
his ramparts. This is Alex Moffat, the aptly named hooker for Stirling
Rugby Football Club, bravely raising funds for the local Strathcarron

This is the second year that SRFC has
produced a nude charity calendar and, says a club spokesman, there were
plenty of volunteers.

“Oh, my God, no. It’s
harder getting them to keep their clothes on. The boys are always very
accommodating. Although we did have to go to the castle this year
because we didn’t have a club cannon big enough.”…

Those lovely shopkeepers in the small town of
Highworth, near Swindon, got together to produce a charming calendar
for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The butchers, the
bakers and even the Christmas-cake makers from the town’s high street
grinned and bared it for a very good cause, even if their customers say
that buying rock cakes or a pound of sausages is never going to be the

Moving out to the countryside, photographer
Nicola de Pulford has been taking the shots for the Lady Farmers’
calendar for many years. You don’t officially have to be a mad cow to
offer to pose for her, but it might help. 

We have our local version. Yes, this plague has crossed the Atlantic and will soon be as common here as the Norwalk virus.

PS: Do look at the gallery of photos via the link at the top of the
story to see what we are in for – and vote for your favourite!

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