Dog friendly car! WOW

Looking at this a little more critically the small dog holder isn’t
very safe. You would still need a harness connected into the seat belt
system to prevent an animal being thrown out in an accident. Plus our
dog would never pee in the car, he’s too well trained. But the idea of
a dog friendly vehicle is very attractive.

We love this vehicle!

Honda WOW concept

across the globe have been barking for years for a canine-oriented
car-or at least that’s what Honda seems to think. The WOW concept
features a pee-resistant wood floor (well, it stands up better than
carpet), a glove box small-dog holder, and a crate that pops up from
under the second-row seats to accommodate a more substantial Rover.


Here’s another shot.

Nifty huh?

It’s on our Christmas list. Hope you are listening Santa. We’ve been good.

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