Shafted- More on Railtown -updated

We are told the fourth opening is likely for the roof, as all the
equipment will be up there. Still the shaft is shockingly high!

You have seen the Crowell Tower  elevator
shaft/stack which has gone up at Railtown. Doesn’t it seem a little
high for a three story building? Ah, but did you look and count the
number of openings in the stack on the west side? Four. Yep, four. That
means four stories and as you see the second floor going up it is quite
clear it will be four stories high. Look at the photo below. Three
stories – but you have to notice the caveat.

{Photo no longer available}

“Artists conception…actual may vary.” CAVEAT EMPTOR

Does the Town know? In the Minutes of Oct 11 ’05   it is referred to as a three storey development.

Mayor Stead proceeded to inform Mr. Groot and the committee on
Railtown, the three storey
development to be erected on the old Rafuse property. Demolition to
start right away. Plans can be seen at

MacKay’s Real Estate. Development
agreement has been approved and developer can start soon. Ekistics felt
it fit their vision for the Town

You might like to see this Ekistics report on commercial development for which the Town paid big bucks you can be sure.


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