United Church fatwa

Are you ashamed? We are. We can imagine what the Wolfville Jewish Community thinks about this United Church group’s fatwa but we wonder how many in the next pew will protest. Or do they agree? More likely too busy thinking about Sunday shopping to even pay any attention.

This group is asking United Churches and their members to boycott Israeli goods and divest themselves of suspect stock.

We ask the logical question, as does Margaret Wente in her article titled “The shame of the United Church.” What about Hamas?

The answer Margaret got [her column under G&M lock and key but you can read the comments] was “The questions you are asking can only be asked by someone who refuses to see what’s going on. ” Margaret could have said in return “the answer you are giving can only be given by someone who refuses to see what’s going on.” so it was no kind of answer at all.

Wente goes on:

There’d be something risible about this if it weren’t so appalling. …Three million Canadians claim it [the UC] as their religious affiliation. And now the church has joined the shabby parade of
left-wing extremists bent on demonizing Israel as the root cause of all the problems in the Middle East. These groups include the largest teachers union in Britain which to the disgust of many of its members has voted to boycott Israeli academics and universities that don’t dissociate themselves from “apartheid” policies. [
Would this include aboriginal Band schools dooya think? Ww] Apartheid is a favorite word among this crowd….
Wente points out that about a fifth of Israel’s population is Palestinian and that
they ” ride on the same buses, shop in the same malls, vote in the same
elections, get blown up by the same bombs and are stitched back
together in the same hospitals. ….

This August the national body of the United Church will meet to vote on a motion condemning Israel [

and nobody else] Rev. Coombs is optimistic that it might include a boycott.”

How will Wolfville’s delegates vote?

The UC is following in the footsteps of CUPE .

“…thousands of CUPE members of all denominations are outraged at Sid Ryan and their Ontario local ( the largest in the land) Perhaps the United Churchgoers of Canada will be outraged at their leaders too. Perhaps they’ll decide that instead of boycotting Israel , they should boycott their own church. One can only hope.”

They already have Margaret. The United Church isn’t alone, only slightly ahead in this wacky kind of thinking. The churches wonder why attendance numbers (not necessarily their official rolls) are shrinking .

This is from one of the comments to Margaret Wente’s article:

Margaret Wente says perhaps United Church-goers will decide that, ”instead of boycotting Israel, they should boycott their own church.” Many of us have been doing that for years. The United Church has become a quasi-political organization….

Islam is not the only religion that has been hi-jacked.

UPDATE: A related post. You think it could not happen here?

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