The Long Gun registry – A view from Miramichi

Here is an enlightening post from Brent’s blog – a view from the grass roots where closure of the registry would have most impact.

On the day of the release of Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s report, and again the following day, the media interviewed workers from the centre, and asked them what they thought of their job security. The media also interviewed local residents about their reaction to the Conservatives’ plans.

At least two of the TV stations interviewed one gentleman on Tuesday, yet did not identify him as a declared candidate for the provincial Liberal nomination in Miramichi-Bay du Vin. It was an important disclosure for the news media to make, had it known about the man’s intentions. The other three candidates for the nomination would have appreciated similar publicity, I’m sure….

….Of course the whole reason the registry was located in Miramichi in the first place was to make up for far larger federal government closures and cutbacks. The closure of CFB Chatham under Andy Scott and the federal Liberals in 1996 devastated the area, as 240 civilian and 700 military jobs vanished. The creation of the registry still fell far short of what was lost, and was a poor consolation prize at best.

Outside of the immediate Miramichi area, there is little support for keeping the gun registry as-is. The Canadaeast Web site, which is maintained by the three main daily newspapers in New Brunswick, recently held on online poll asking, “Would you support closure of the Miramichi gun registry” ‘ Although not scientific, of the 15 polls held so far this year that question had the most response and the highest majority in favour. Over 94 per cent of respondents supported closure, less than 5 per cent voted to keep the registry open. Over 16,000 people responded to the question.

Last Wednesday the Moncton Times Transcript, which would be considered the major daily newspaper in the Miramichi market, added its editorial voice to those demanding closure. In a piece entitled, “End fiasco of gun registry,” the paper said, “the registry will surely go down as one of the most expensive endeavours in Canadian history that has delivered no value at all”….

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