Brison doesn’t like flip flops-

…and either do we. Here is what he had to say in April 2003:

PC frontrunner flayed

Flip-flops, hit lists linked to MacKay


OTTAWA — The frontrunner in the Tory leadership race came under intense attack by his rivals last night.

During a nationally televised debate on CBC Newsworld, Nova Scotia MP Peter MacKay was accused of drafting “hit lists” within his party and of chronically flip-flopping on important issues of the day.

Fellow Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison blamed MacKay for public confusion about the party’s platform and accused him of waffling on issues such as Canada’s role in Iraq and the gun control program.

“They’ve criticized the party for not standing for anything, and I think that’s your problem,” Brison said. “We don’t know, and Canadians don’t know, what you stand for because you flip-flop on the issues.”

Here’s an endorsement he got in 2003 when running for the PC leadership.

Scott is one of the strongest supporters of the youth that the PC Party of Canada has. I am pleased to support him in his bid to be the next leader of this Party because when you vote for Scott you know what you are getting.’
Kiley Thompson
Communications Director, Ontario PC Youth Association

But do we now know what we are getting? That is the question. The words
sound familiar but has the content behind those words changed or not?


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