Eaglespirit in Frank magazine again

This time Frank mag. reports on Frank Springle’s suit against his common law wife from whom he apparently separated in Feb. 2005. It makes one wonder who is now “working” at Eaglespirit as Springle’s partner Peter Kerrin is suing him (for unpaid returns on investments plus damages see our previous post) and Springle’s wife ceased working there in July 2004 according to Springle’s statement of claim against her. Springle wants to obtain an order of sale of the house on Riverview where his ex still resides, among other things. Springle is also being sued by a Bedford  accounting firm  in small claims court.

Regarding Kerrin’s suit, Frank reports that he claims his investment entitled him to 49.9 % ownership of the firm while Springle claims that he is only entitled to 4.5% of the firm ( 49 common shares at 49$ each). HA! The PSAB under which this company was favoured requires that an aboriginal have majority ownership so it would make sense that the non-aboriginal partner would insist on at least his maximum of 49.9%. Hope he had that legally pinned down.

We have little sympathy for Kerrin however. The whole arrangement is a
scam to skim off taxpayer money through the PSAB program which
encourages these shell companies
. Local competitors are steaming over
the preference these guys get on contracts and have complained to Brison about it, not that he is in a position now to influence contracts.

Recent ( 2005 +) Contracts: We include Nisha and Foxwise/Sona as we have shown in a previous post that these companies are all connected.

Jan 2005 ( Eaglespirit) $21,677.50
March, 2005 ( Foxwise)$157,825
March 2005 ( Sona) $184,279.00
Feb/March 2005 ( Eaglespirit) (

March 23,2005 ( Sona Foxwise)$26,160.00
March 24, 2005 ( Sona) $23,355.00
April, 2005 (Eaglespirit)

May 2005 ( Sona)

June, 2005 ( Eaglespirit)

June 2005 (Nisha ) $19,260.00
June 2005 ( Foxwise)$42,966.88
June 2005 ( Sona) $53,498.00
July 2005 ( Foxwise) $12,065.00
July 2005 ( Sona) $22,200.00
Sept, 2005 ( Foxwise) $28,130.00
Sept, 2005 (Eaglespirit)

Oct, 2005 ( Eaglespirit) $15,450.25
Nov. 2005 ( Nisha) $15,097.70
Nov 2005 ( Eaglespirit) $18,726.60
Dec, 2005 ( Nisha) $15,836
Dec, 2005 ( Eaglespirit) $18,410.00
Jan, 2006 (Eaglespirit) $30,866.00

and here for multiple contracts  for these companies
and here

And we didn’t even search under Click-into another connected company. We could find lots more, frankly we just got tired. According to a Public Works report in 2003, 2,044 contracts, worth $270 million, were awarded to “Aboriginal” companies; that’s Public Works alone.

This kind of thing is just the tip of the iceberg manure pile

We hope the new guidelines to the Ministers’ Offices (Feb.2006) will make a difference.


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