Speed demons in Wolfville

In Sept 2005 we had a comment from one of our readers about something we had been complaining about for some time in Wolfville, that is the speed of drivers through the Town and the lack of action on the part of either the Town or the police authorities to curb this behavior, a neglect which was more noticeable since the RCMP took over policing for the Town..

Our reader has updated the comments on the post mentioned above and we wish to draw attention to it, especially in light of the tragedy in Dartmouth at a crosswalk there. Putting crosswalk lights, at great expense to Town taxpayers, has done absolutely nothing to make Wolfville any safer or saner for residents. Meanwhile we have a million dollar contract with the RCMP who seem to think traffic enforcement work is beneath them.

The other day we saw (and heard) a car speeding past the Town Hall and the RCMP station going at least 60ks and sounding like it was 80 and it wasn’t midnight. It was mid-day.

We repeat, it used to be that we saw our local police stopping speeders on a regular basis. We have not seen this kind of attention since the RCMP took over duties in Wolfville.

What did the Deputy Mayor say recently? He’s not prepared to “surrender the future of this town if we become the losers” and ” regional services should be examined on an item-by-item basis so Wolfville doesn’t lose the ability to control its destiny.” Uh huh.

The Town, which does not believe in regional government, has bought into regional policing big time.

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