Illegal voting –

A candidate in Edmonton Centre has complained to Election Canada of voting irregularities, specifically illegal multi voting:

  • There were almost 100 nonexistent addresses in Edmonton’s downtown core, some addresses listed fictional residences in between two genuine buildings
  • Hundreds of people registered to vote out of their law offices (Annes a lawyer, remember), medical offices, accounting firms, some of which were actually errors, but in one case an entire family was registered to vote out of a high rise office space.
  • Dozens were registered out of office towers, but had no suite number listed, so the address looked like a regular address, and in many cases, these people were also registered to vote from their own homes
  • Dozens were registered out of small mail box locations and from self storage facilities.
  • Eighteen people are registered to vote out of a truck stop!!!.
  • Other odd places included Karaoke bars, lingerie stores, dance lounges, galleries, and the list goes on….

This from Blogging Party of Canada.
Now you can guess which party the complaining candidate is fromĀ  can’t you?
Conservative Laurie Hawn, running against the Liberal incumbant Anne

The deadline to revise the list has passed, so these people cannot be
removed, and in some cases they have already voted in the advance polls.

If you hear of this on the other side let me know and we will gladly post that too.


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