We hear this buzz word more and more and studies abound. High paid academics write reports and researchers produce mounds of paper (lots of dead trees) with figures on how we are doing things badly and
on how things could/ should work. This is the latest “project” here in Wolfville.
The funny thing is that the Town crows that

Wolfville partnered with the Centre for Rural Sustainability at Acadia
University to obtain federal and provincial funding worth over $83,000
to further the project.

as if this money was foreign aid or something, as if we didn’t know that this comes eventually out of our/Canadian taxpayers pockets. We are funding this one way or the other and we expect to see something real for the money spent.

Planner Karen Dempsey has been hired on a two-year contract to manage the review.

Good luck Karen. Have a good talk with Dawn (off camera) won’t you, so you’ll know what you are getting into.

PS: Our intrepid Lois Lane can no longer write objectively on this topic as she has been co-opted to the task force.


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