Government Mailing: updated

We expect lots of people in Town rec’d in the mail the spiffy fanfold “Economic and Fiscal Update Overview November 2005″ sent out by the Government of Canada ( source: Dept. of Finance.)

Now apart from the fact that it is on glossy (expensive non-recycled ) paper we find the timing of the mailing just that little bit odd, don’t you? While it doesn’t anywhere mention the Liberal Party or the
Prime Minister or any MP it has Liberal Party fingerprints all over that glossy paper.

The website cited where information on this is supposed to be available doesn’t work or didn’t when we tried. [update; we have found this url.which is not the one listed in the fanfold]
We tried calling the 800 # listed to ask about the timing of the mailing of this folder but was put on
hold – probably millions of people complaining .

Why mail this out when Finance Department officials say all the changes, even those labelled as “immediate,” must be approved by parliamentary vote? Funny the fanfold doesn’t say anything about that.
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives does a good job of taking the spin out of these “updates” every year.


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