Municipal Priorities

Priorities, priorities, priorities. That’s what it is all about. We
have them in our own lives and what we choose makes a difference in our
budget. We can buy that new toy or save for our children’s college
fund. Toronto was quizzed on its priorities by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

Here’s a multiple choice quiz. If you could choose a budget priority for Toronto, would it be:

A) Filling potholes and fixing crumbling roads

B) Putting more police on the streets …

C) Adjusting property tax rates to offset skyrocketing evaluations

D) Building a soccer stadium

If you were Toronto City Council, on October 27th you chose D).

If we were to have a quiz on Wolfville’s priorities the a, b and c
lines would be similar to the Federation’s list. Our d) wouldn’t be a
soccer stadium but we would have a number of items
to list that we consider low priority but the Town puts at the top of
its list.

Yes, we complain about taxes. They go up a big percentage on top of the increase we paid last year. But if we saw it being spent on things of real worth and long term benefit we wouldn’t be as “disgruntled”.

Town Beautification? Yes. But you can think short term or long term. Burying all wires in Town would do more to beautify Wolfville than all the ornamental grasses, flower boxes or artfully placed rocks and save a few tree limbs to boot. Yet this administration won’t even insist that developers do this in new subdivisions.

We would like to see this Council determine a set of  priorities with the input of all Wolfville ratepayers and not just the few who come out to meetings. What do our Townspeople care about? Does the Town know? Maybe we will be proved wrong and they don’t care about lower taxes, or more paving and sidewalks and better policing. If so, we might even shut up.


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