Success Fees

The papers are full of Dingwall’s possible kickback for landing a lucrative -$17.2 million- grant for Bioniche Life Sciences from Technology Partnerships Canada. Dingwall received a $350,000 success fee for his influence. He has since resigned his $270,000/yr (+ lavish expenses) job as President of the Canadian Mint -and amazingly will probably get a severance package!

Now we always read papers with local lenses, and we got thinking about success fees. Something about that sounds familiar. Seems to us we just heard recently that some business folk in Wolfville were advised to “put money on the table” for a smooth ride through the intricacies of municipal regulation. That sounds like a success fee to us.

Small beer? Compared to Dingwall’s activities maybe, but let’s face it, small or large it is absolutely the very same thing – and absolutely wrong.

But it’s just a rumour. Can’t possibly be true. Can it? Must be a misunderstanding.


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