Council Meeting Oscars

If awards were given for performances last evening:

In the Councillor/Town Official category the winners are:

B. Z. -best male lead in his advocate role as Atticus Finch
J.M.- awarded in absentia for The Invisible Man

D. M. -best supporting male in a silent picture role
B. W. – best director, best script for Wizard of Oz
D. S. – best female in a supporting role
R. S. -best female lead for her soliloquy recognizing that Council should at least sound as if it is acting on the residents’ behalf and not appear -as it does- to act for the developer.

The entire Council for best orchestration of a decision.

In the audience participation category- best reality production, and Docu-drama , the winners are:

P. M.-best female in a historical role for pointing out Heritage advice was ignored
T. B.- best graphics on toxic contaminants and best script a la Erin Brokovitch

M. C.- best female in a dramatic role, best exit and special effects
Cherry Lane resident – best technician in a (non)supporting role and best line ” Wolfville needs a traffic light like New Minas needs another traffic light”
J.R.-best male dramatic role a la Rick in Casablanca

Mr. W.- best cameo appearance

And the winner for best picture -which may or may not be an accurate representation of the Railtown project and how it will eventually look- and the over all winner by unanimous vote, Precedence Homes


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