Road Rage

We drove along a new piece of road at the top of Gasperaeu Ave. near the 101 overpass the other day in our ramblings with a visitor from Ontario. Embarrassing. The experience was enough to knock teeth out of our head, rather like driving across railway ties. It is very clear that the paving, done by Lafarge we are told, was not executed competently with the proper ground work.

Presumably the Town paid a fair price for the contract to be done as it should be. With this terrible result two things should happen, in our view: 1) Lafarge should be struck off the list of acceptable contractors. 2) the question should be asked- Did someone benefit from the shoddy work? It is up to our mayor and councillors to find out if so. Then they should take steps to make sure that the work is redone properly and that this doesn’t happen again.

The graffitti on the underside of the overpass is also not a very impressive introduction to visitors to the Town of Wolfville. It should be dealt with, and soon. For a photo of both the road and the graffitti see the photo section.

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