“It’s not their idea”

Alex Colville, long-time Wolfville resident and celebrated artist was
interviewed by Patty Mintz in The Advertiser’s Regional Magazine
of  May 24th. Colville has been a member of the Annapolis Valley
Hospice Foundation for some years and is being honored June 10th at a
gala dinner
– a kickoff to a fundraising campaign for Atlantic Canada’s
first hospice offering palliative care.

In the interview Colville was very frank.When asked why pressure on
federal and provincial governments had failed to get government support
for the hospice he said

It’s a typical civil service reaction to somebody else suggesting they do something. It’s not their idea. And it also has something to do with the idea of the public intervening….We are outsiders telling them there’s a better way to do this.

May we suggest this is also the attitude of municipal government?

Further along in the article Colville praises individuals who have helped immensely especially Canon Sid Davies for his indomitable fight
(we know how irrepressible Sid is). But then when asked if the
Conservatives or NDP would be more supportive of the hospice Colville

No, I don’t…We do have a conservative minority and nothing much has changed. I do think that if the cabinet minister from our riding were a different person…David Morse has been no help at all.

Good on you Alex for telling it like it is.

As an aside, we notice Colvilles’ previous house is up for sale again.


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