Newsletter Indigestion

Well, we have struggled through The Mayor’s Newsletter. Quite a mouthful at 12 pages.

We do know it increases in length every year – along no doubt with the budget line that covers the expense-somewhere. Where? The CAO said the administration is always looking for ways to cut costs and struggled manfully to cut the budget down this year. Let us suggest cutting the number of pages of The Mayor’s Newsletter from 12 pages to 6, just as a start. Yes, it can be done and still report on worthy items.

We notice that the timing of The Mayor’s Newsletter was POST budget: Budget documents are available to the public at Town Hall …(or) on the Town’s website. So helpful- and safe-after the fact. Not much was reported about the budget even after the fact. Budget News got -what, 2 sq. inches? And did it tell you anything about the Budget?¬† Compare that to the column inches devoted to Fairfield School or the Historical Society Photo Project. Not that these aren’t worthy projects but doesn’t the budget which affects every single resident deserve at least equal space?
We have been looking at other Town newsletters to compare with our Wolfville, excuse me – Mayor’s Newsletter. Vernon BC Population¬† 33,494 in 2001 has one of 4 pages published 3 or 4 times a year. Take a look at the coverage of its Financial Plan in its January issue.
Does The Mayor’s Newsletter leave a sour taste in YOUR mouth?


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