If you were thinking of writing a book titled Wolfville sorry its been done. If anyone knows why Alfred Henry Lewis would use this particular name for his fictional town in Arizona¬† let me know, won’t you?¬† And if you have a copy of this book illustrated by Remington it’s worth about 50 bucks-US. The stories about Wolfville are narrated by the “Old Cattleman” who tells “his stories in his own fashion,” in a style that is “crude,¬† abrupt, meagre.” There were six sequels: Wolfville, Sandburrs (1900), Wolfville Days (1902), Wolfville Nights (1902), The Black Lion Inn (1903), Wolfville Folk (1908), and Faro Nell and Her Friends (1913). Lewis was a lawyer and the Cleveland city attorney until 1881, when he became a wandering cowboy in the Southwest.

I wonder if the Town fathers know the town crest is being used by Globusz Publishers for the e-cover of Lewis’s Wolfville book?


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