The Woodman Lands

What’s going to happen there? Not much for a while. Last night the Planning Services Public Advisory Committee (PSPAC) extended, for another 30 days, consideration of the development proposal before it.
This proposal, were it to go ahead, plans six 3 story buildings of 36 units each and then 34 homes, over 10 years. (see photos of plans to left) That’s 250 additional households, or about 7% of the present population of Wolfville. In the ten years between 1991 and 2001 the population of Wolfville increased less than 4%. Something pretty radical would have to happen to make this many units saleable in that time frame, like maybe Michelin moving to town. Note too that the multi-unit buildings are in phase 1 and 2 with the single unit homes coming last down the pipe. The Town might just end up with a few more multi-unit buildings and no homes at all if the project fizzles. Even the PSPAC is choking on this one. The concerns of affected neighbours are legion with increased traffic high on the list.


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