On the map

Yes, Wolfville is on the map.
If you’re new to Town and you want to find your way around, try Google map. Try looking up “bed and breakfasts” for example in their search box after you bring up Wolfville on the map. Now if the local real-estate people geared themselves up like Craiglist in the US does with Google map –  thanks Jay Allen’s The Daily Journey for the ref- well wow. Mind you it must be a hard sell with taxes here what they are. We just heard of another couple planning to leave town as soon as they get their house in order. The high tax on their property was top of the list as a reason. We saw a nice property up for sale in Hantsport. Not only is their “tax rate” lower but assessments are lower there too. We wonder why that is?   Hmm, maybe we should move too!


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